Shut down the dangerous Gori -1 nuclear plant

» Posted by on 8월 14, 2012 in 年次報告書

Shut down the dangerous Gori -1 nuclear plant.

We are censuring the decision of Council for Nuclear Safety.

On the 4th of July, Council for Nuclear Safety announced that it’s safe enough to reactivate Gori -1 nuclear plant. So various people; the consumer’s cooperatives, religious organizations, local residents in nuclear plant area and politicians gathered and had a press conference to censure the decision of Council for Nuclear Safety.

Mr. Ha, Seong Soo from the Green party said it was impossible to sit in on the Council’s conference, censuring their closed meeting to push ahead their reactivation decision.

Ms. Kim, Je Nam from Unified Progressive Party said, the chairman of the Council used to be a director of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. who belongs to the nuclear power industry and this means he’s disqualified as a chairman so this decision is legally invalid. Ms. Kim also said she’s going to protect people’s life and safety through the shut do주 of Gori -1 nuclear plant in the opening session of national assembly.

Ms. Baek, Pil Ae, the chief member of special committee on nuclear free society in Hansalim Seoul consumer’s cooperative also censured the decision of the Council allowing the reactivation of dangerous Gori -1 nuclear plant and ordered the shut down of it. And she also said anti nuclear plant movement to shutdown Gori -1 will spread across the nation.

Ms. Baek. Pil Ae has suggested new National Assembly to intensify the standard of radioactive material in food as well as the quarantine. And she also said the ailing plants must be shut down and the construction of new plant must be stopped, at the panel discussion on the role of new National Assembly held on 28th of June.

Even the Council of Nuclear Safety allow the reactivation of Gori -1 nuclear plant, we should stop this. Hansalim’s anti nuclear movement will go on to realize the nuclear free society through the shutdown of Gori -1 nuclear plant.