Various Scenes of Hansalim Summer Solstice Event

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Various Scenes of Hansalim Summer Solstice Event

“Turn off the light, Light up the candle of the life”
Various Scenes of Hansalim Summer Solstice Event

There’s Hansalim’s daily action toward the nuclear free society. One of the daily action is “Turning off the light and lighting up the candle of life every last Friday of the month.”

Last 22nd of June, the summer solstice, there were special events with Hansalim members from various places. Now we are introducing the various scenes of Hansalim’s summer solstice events toward the nuclear free society, the Night with Candles, but without the electricity.

Hansalim Daejeon consumer’s cooperative gathered together with local residents in front of Hansalim store carrying candles having various cultural events.

Hansalim Goyang-Paju consumer’s cooperative held the Night with Candles in 3 different areas.

Hansalim Seoul consumer’s cooperative had the Night with Candles at Kangjung Camp. Kangjung Camp is opposing to the construction of naval base in Kangjung village, destroying beautiful nature as well as ignoring the opinion of local residents. Kangjung Camp and the Night with Candles opposing to nuclear energy harmonized with each other.

Hansalim’s the Night with Candles continues after the summer solstice.